Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking: Here are 6 Tips

It’s obvious that the more visitors you get to your site the better your business will do.
In order to get as many visitors as possible you want your site to rank well with search engines.

Here are 6 tips to improve your search engine ranking.

Tip #1: Create a lot of Links
There are three types of links. They are incoming links, outgoing
links, and internal links. You want to create as many incoming and
internal links as possible. In other words, you want links from
outside your site to be pointing to your site. You also want links
on one page of your site pointing to another page on your site.
The more incoming links (also known as backlinks) and internal
links you have, the better your site will rank with the search
engines. Backlinks are particularly helpful to search engine ranking.

Tip #2: Keyword Density
On all the content you put on the Internet you want your keyword
content to be between 1% and 2%. Keywords are words that are
searched for a lot that you want to target so that your site will
show up when those words are searched for. A keyword density of 1%
means the keywords would show up 1 time for every 100 words.

Tip #3: Name Your Pages with Keywords
To improve your search engine ranking you should also name each
page on your site using a keyword or keyword phrase. This will
automatically help that particular page rank better with the search

Tip #4: Use Longer Versions of Keywords
Many search engines look at the roots of words and count them when
a search is performed. For example, when “diet” is searched for,
the word “dieting” will also be counted. However, when “dieting” is
searched for, “diet” will not show up. Therefore, you should always
target longer keywords and not just the root of the word.

Tip #5: Use Less Popular Keywords in the Body of Web Pages
Obviously you want to target popular keywords. However, you should
also sprinkle less popular keywords throughout the body of your
pages. These words have less competition and you can rank well for
them while you’re actually targeting more popular keywords.

Tip #6: Stay Away From Link Farms
The final tip to improve your search engine ranking is to stay away
from link farms. Don’t pay to have thousands of incoming links
created for you. The search engines will see this as link spamming
and they’ll stop ranking your site altogether.

There you have the 6 tips to improve your search engine ranking.

When you follow these tips you will get a higher ranking for your
site. This will bring more traffic to your site and will lead to
more money for you.

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