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Company Overview
A Story to be Told….

Created by Lauren Lusk, In God’s Hands 
honors the memory of her late husband
Jeremy Lusk (who had the words, 
"In God's Hands" tattooed on 
his chest); a freestyle motocross
legend who everyday exuded 
strength, compassion and courage. 
Jeremy was not only an amazing 
athlete and x-games gold medalist. 
He was a genuine person, 
a true friend, a loyal husband,
loving son, and hero to so many.

With a Heavy Heart, Lauren’s devotion
to her husband and determined spirit is 
what drove her to persevere. IGH is much
more than just another apparel brand…
it is a life story. An extraordinary one.
One that we will never stop telling…

Everyone has their own story of struggle 
and strength, hopes and dreams,
love and pain. This collection is an artistic
expression of our journey.

“I know that Jeremy is here with me 
every day, pushing me to keep 
going and giving me 
my strength and resilience. 
He truly is my everyday inspiration. 
I have been driven to do 
what I love and give my best to
this life that I am left with. 
I guess when you lose everything
you are really free to do anything. 
While it has been a crazy ride, 
I have been blessed.
I am passionate about everything 
I do…most importantly
preserving Jeremy’s legacy. 
Using the lessons 
I’ve learned, my strength and spirit,
I want to spread hope 
and encouragement
for others. “-Lauren Lusk

Spreading inspiration
Striving for greatness
Living with purpose
Fashion for a Purpose

To further the IGH mission,
a portion of all proceeds will
go to a variety of charities
benefiting families in need
across the United States.
For the 2011 Spring/Summer
Collection we will be working
with the American Widow Project,
a not-for-profit organization
supporting widows of American
soldiers who have sacrificed
their lives for our freedom.