Monday, November 19, 2012

Sites I'm Surfing Today

Sites I'm surfing:




TrafficWonderland (another Jackpot site!)


AdBullet44 - daily 50

Word Of The Day: Just surf till you see the
Word of the Day page (it's kinda hard to miss),
and send in a support ticket with the word!
Then you'll be in a drawing
for 100 OR 250 credits! Yay!

Traffic-Splash - daily 30 (or 100)

(I surf according to which
sites are having promotions, etc.)

AdvertisingKnowHow - daily 100

FastEasyTraffic - daily 30 (Now a JACKPOT site!)



SWATtraffiTezakTrafficPower - site by Tony Tezak

TrafficGoldRush - daily 125
** TGR now has an in-house jackpot game! WOO HOO!
Another one to add to my favorite jackpot sites!

TrafficEra - Join a team and chat while you surf! TopTierTraffic




What are the top rated TE's this week?


If you join any of these under me
and are a big surfer,
I randomly give credits/bonuses
to my downline!

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Have a great day! TO YOUR SUCCESS!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

How Do You Build The Perfect Traffic Exchange?

Ok this is a cut and paste msg, but I couldn't
write it better or express it better. This note
outlines why I'm not only promoting this TE
but proudly and personally endorsing this TE

Over to Soren and Deeds...

How do you build the perfect traffic exchange?
Pretty simple really, and here's the recipe.

Step 1.

Take an experienced TE admin like DeeDee Medcoff -
who is used to helping run successful programs like
Dragon Surf, Traffic Bunnies, Traffic-Splash etc -
and make her the owner.


Step 2.

Take Soren Jordansen and give him free hands to
build the exchange from the ground up - using all
the experience he gained from launching Dragon
Surf to the top of the TE world.


Step 3.

Get 10 of the best names in the industry to support
and endorse the launch. Names like Cindy Battye,
Jon Olson, Paul Kinder, Tim Linden, Robert Puddy
and Michael Cobb - So you know it will get a lot
of members fast and keep growing for the long haul.


Step 4.

Sprinkle with loads of benefits for members - Like
fast moving traffic, tons of bonus credits, great
support, dynamic surf ratios and a killer design.

And the result... Farm Traffic of course


And while Farm Traffic is of course free to join,
I highly recommend that you take good look at
the amazing upgrade offer you'll see when you
sign up.

You'll get a chance to secure a massive amount of
extra credits - 60% commissions and lower the
timer to just 6 seconds!

But whatever you do, make sure you at least
grab your free account today - Farm Traffic
looks set to be a winner and a top TE for
years to come.


Thanks and I'll see you on the Farm,

P.S. Forgot to mention that when you join Farm
Traffic today, they will also give you 10,000
free advertising credits over at FreeTrafficBar.
That's a $12.99 value free, just for signing up!


Ok this one has hit record marks already

Ok so I've been a member here since it opened, and so far, so good...
I like what I see, it works well, good stats, good bonuses, good referral contest going on right now too!

Tony Tezak has blown the stats out of the water!

Tezak Traffic Power.... all I can say is WOW.


Did you know there are ELEVEN ways to drive
traffic to your site with this TE?


Tony is the most successful surfer of all time and he has
put his 10 years of experience into this traffic exchange.
Paul Kinder put all of his marketing expertise into it.
Tim Rash put all of his
technical expertise into it.
This traffic exchange script
has never been seen
before - it's a brand new script!
I have to say
the Three Admingoes splashpage is hilarious.


I will be promoting Tezak Traffic Power HARD -
because I know it's going to be very high quality and you
will get everything you need there.

I mean, there are ELEVEN different ways to generate

Thousands will join just today alone.. don't be left out,
grab your membership now!


To Your Success,

PS: It's all free. But the upgrades are better than half
price if you're lucky enough, so get in quick.