Sunday, January 25, 2015

Plan For Nothing and Clicks For Free?

Surfing and surfing and surfing and getting absolutely nothing in return?


Day after day, I see thousands of good people doing the same things over and over, and getting nowhere.
This is often not for lack of trying or willingness to work hard, as many of these people are some of the most diligent workers you could ever meet. The problem lies more in information overload, hype, and just not having a good plan that they can put into action.

Let me ask you…

Are you still chasing an elusive dream of earning an online income?
Are you even making an extra few hundred dollars a month?
Are you still click, clicking, spending hours a day or week, with no plan in place?
Do you increasingly have more money going out than you have coming in?
Do you know where you’re going and how to get there, or are you “waiting” for something to happen?

Many people are “waiting” for the “right circumstances” or the “right opportunity” or the “right time” to come along or happen…
And, sadly, many people will still be “waiting” months and even years later.
Without a plan that works… several months (even years) from now… you will very likely be no better off than you are now. In fact, you may even be worse off. :-(

And, without realistic expectations, you are a victim waiting to be scammed, ripped off, taken advantage off, and otherwise swindled out of both your time and money.
If you get nothing else from what I’m saying here, please get this…

You Absolutely CANNOT just invest $30 (or less) in some program and turn that into $10,000 (or more) in 30 days (or less)!

It doesn’t matter what “new” payment strategy they claim to have “patent pending” on. It doesn’t matter what “new” twist they’ve put on a Matrix, Doubler or Gifting program or some other scheme.
All of these schemes are questionable at best, and in many cases, flat out illegal. These come and go constantly, and there’s always some new twist that has “never been done before.”

Don’t you believe it!

If something is promising thousands of dollars (or more in return) for a very small initial investment, and it’s completely legal and above board, then why aren’t the wisest and most successful investors of our time all over it?

Warren Buffet didn’t get so rich by missing great investment opporunities. He also hasn’t lost his riches by putting money into highly questionable schemes either.
Paid to clicks, paid to reads, the latest matrix craze, etc… none of these will ever make any significant difference to you. You may make a few dollars, but what happens if you stop clicking, or if that business ends, or you get sick?

Does this mean you can’t make a decent income on the Internet?
Absolutely, not! You can make a very decent income. Many have done so and continue to do so. In fact, it IS possible to turn a $10,000 profit (and even more) within 30 days…
However, this doesn’t just happen. It requires proper preparation and following a plan that works. When these come together, then it IS possible to successfully make a very good income on the Internet…

Again, it doesn’t just happen! YOU have to make it happen!

The best news is that YOU can make it happen… anyone can… but YOU have to stop “waiting” for the “right circumstances” or the “right opportunity” or the “right time” to come along or happen…
It’s time right now for YOU to step up, get the right plan, and “take action” now!
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Stop making excuses. We all have them. Get over the excuses and “take action” or stay comfortable where you are with nothing changing, nothing improving, and your life remaining the same forever.

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