Friday, January 30, 2015

Have a Twitter-ific Day


If you have a website or are planning to launch a new website, it is to the ultimate advantage to take ahold of everything Twitter can offer you.

I happen to be a fairly new fan of Twitter. At first was not impressed. Do I really need to know what everyone is doing every minute of the day? And so many people just seem to be trying to promote this or that, and it just got rather boring (honestly). Now, I am trying to keep up with my tweets and my Twitter account because it can be a great benefit to my business.

Here are some ways that Twitter can help you market your website:

· Keep followers updated on progress and new additions to your website
· Market/advertise a new product or service
· Announce sales, specials and other events of interest
· Bring in new traffic from Twitter friends
· Hold contests or trivia events
· Show visitors that there is a real person behind the website/company
· Interact with customers or visitors directly
· Announce the launch of the site to people interested in you or your area of expertise

Now you can see how Twitter can help you market your website and for the small amount of time it takes to set up an account and then manage it on a daily basis, it just makes sense to give it a try yourself. It's free and it's easy.
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